CIDCA Historical Cultural Museum

"The Historical Cultural Museum, provides information about Caribbean indigenous peoples, and performs research with UNESCO's support. CIDCA Historical Cultural Museum of the Caribbean Coast BICU – CIDCA conserves and emphasizes the cultural and historical research on the Nicaraguan Caribbean Region in the city of Bluefields undertaken since 1982. Collections include ""the historical documentation or CEDOC (Historical documents of indigenous and afrodescendent people from the Caribbean Coast), such as the anthropological, social, historical studies and books about various ethnic groups in the region. Objects of indigenous and afrodescendent people in the Caribbean coast, archeology of Rama territory, Kukra Hill and Corn Island, photographs of historical characters as well as historical houses in Bluefields, historical maps, list of newspapers and newspapers that used to circulate in Bluefields."" Admission fee is required to enter museum. See website for details.

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South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS), Nicaragua
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South Atlantic Autonomous Region, Nicaragua